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    Which is the best search engine?

    There are main three search engines:
    - Google
    - Yahoo
    - Bing

    I want to know that which search engine provides accurate results for search term. In other words, from which search engine you got the satisfactory results.

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    Obviously Google is the best search engine. Don't waste your time searching for best search instead use Google as it has the capability to give satisfactory results.

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    All search engines are good but Google is better. Even you yourself have kept it at first!

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    I regularly use Google . It is best search engine for me. But sometime I also use Yahoo to open my yahoo mail. That means it depends on requirements of users .

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    Google is the best search engine in both Quantity & Quality aspects. It has unique feature like displaying the time taken for the search out of even more than billion results.

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    yes Google is the best search engine to find our latest information only if you know the search engine tricks like search query by allinurl, allintitle, and many more which will help you to get unique information written by new blogger maily from blogspot blog as they have very less rank for first few weeks.

    Google search engine index all blogs within 4 hours but keep in some other index until they write 5 to 10 article on their blog

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    The best search engine in the world and my personal favorite if definitely Google. Actually I am a big fan of all Google products like Youtube, Blogger, Google Plus including its search engine. Google search engine is simple and easy to use and can be efficiently used by children who are new to computers. Its search algorithm is modified and tweaked time to time; as a result it displays accurate and quality web pages in the search results matching users search queries. I have used yahoo quite a few times but never had an opportunity to use Bing search engine. Other search engines are also equally good but my personal favorite of definitely Google search engine. I have been its use ever since I came in contact of computers and internet!

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    The best search engine for surfers is Google because of its algorithm updates and security implementations. But the best search engine for affiliates is Bing or Yahoo since it is easier to rank on those search engines than Google.
    Keep it cool guys.......

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    @dev, we normally do not expect members to pull old threads. Please note that this almost an year old thread.
    Please refrain from repeating it again.
    I'm closing this thread for now. If any team members deems it not in order, he/she may reopen it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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