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  • Category: Complaints

    Unable to post anything on techulator

    I am not being allowed to post anything on Techulator, informing that one of my posts in pending for editing.

    Please look into the matter and guide.
  • #19492
    You need to edit and make changes to the post which is on Pending status.

  • #19493
    Maximum pending post will make automatic temporary restrictions. You must correct them to avail the permissions back. Make sure to do not repeat the mistake again otherwise you will permanently banned or permissions were removed.

  • #19495
    The article in question has already been rectified , submitted, published and approved by editors. It is that due to some reasons, not known to me, the original article, which had mistakes, is appearing with pending status. I dont know how to delete that.

  • #19496
    The name of the article is 'Makkhichoose Review' which is showing in drafts as rejected. I just want to delete it. and continue with my work.

  • #19497
    Can you please try again? I did some changes and now you should have access.

  • #19501
    No..still the same problem. Tried to reply a query in ask experts column, but in vain. Still getting the below message:

    You have one or more posts waiting for you to edit and resubmit after correcting the mistakes. Please look for posts with the status 'Pending' and re submit them after carefully correcting all mistakes. If you resubmit without correcting mistakes, the post may be rejected.

  • #19532
    I am still not able to reply to ask experts section. please look into the issue.

  • #19534
    Please tell about the Article section. You should not be facing any restriction there. For Ask Experts too you need to find any response of yours which is in Pending state and let us know.

  • #19535
    I can see 3 responses from you in Pending state. Unless you correct them you won't be able to post more.

  • #19543
    Thank you for the information. I've resubmitted the responses after making corrections.

    Please look into them and remove restrictions from posting in ask experts section.

  • #19544
    Thank you very much. I am now able to post in ask experts sections.

    However, I'd suggest that alerts must be given whenever a post goes to pending state after review from the editors. It will help the contributors to timely know and rectify the errors.

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