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    Is there any limit to number of questions to be asked in Ask Expert section?

    I posted few questions in Ask Experts section. Later when I try to access the same section, it shows like "Your questions are still under review, continue posting questions when previous questions got reviewed". Is there any limit to post questions in this section to get reviewed? Why cannot we increase the maximum limit?
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    We introduced this limit because some members were abusing it by posting too many silly, trivial questions, thus flooding our section. Kindly give us a day or 2 and all your questions will be reviewed so that you can proceed.

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    Hi John,
    Reason was good! Will wait till all of my questions got reviewed.

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    We would also like members to understand which query is appropriate for a general discussion in the forum and which requires expert answers & thus need to be submitted in the Ask Expert section. For example, you recently posted the query "What made Mozilla to choose Yahoo as default search engine". This is not a query meant for the Ask Expert section at all.

    Further, the framing of the query (both title and text) for the Ask Expert section is also important. For example, you asked "How Google is far better than Mozilla". Now this is very vague. The Google name is attached to so many concepts, namely search engines, products, browsers, software, etc. It may be obvious that you are referring to the browser since you have mentioned Mozilla too in the title. However, what you forgot is that it is not Google but Google Chrome that you are asking about. Accordingly, the editor has changed the title and also fine-tuned the text to make it a better query.

    So, more than aiming at posting lots of questions in the Ask Expert section, your goal should be to post good quality ones which are precise and concise.

    Members should also go through the Ask Expert questions guidelines.


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    The maximum limit of posting questions in Ask Experts section is '5'. You can post more questions after editors review your current submissions.

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    Dear crossed 1000 visitors. You can post maximum five pending question for more question you need to wait for approval of pending questions

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    Thanks for your suggestions Vandana! Will follow them.

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