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    What made Bing search engine as the default search engine for Facebook?


    Now we can search web from Facebook. When we do that, Facebook uses Bing Search as the default. Most of us are familiar and use Google Search mostly. Then, why Facebook opted Bing Search? Any special feature in Bing when compared to Google?
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    The most likely reason could be that Facebook and Bing have entered into a mutually beneficial collaboration with each other.

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    I think it is all about first come first serve. Microsoft is trying their best to compete with google. First they tie up with yahoo and now with facebook. With more than 1 billion users facebook is the best place to give bing a massive exposure.

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    Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook personally like Microsoft (Bill Gates). I have seen Mark Zuckerberg mentions Bill Gates in several occasions. One thing that comes to my mind is ice bucket challenge. Zuckerberg nominated Bill Gates for ice bucket challenge. In the movie Social Networking (life about Zuckerberg) he give away one of his software working to Microsoft. All those events makes me reasonable to think Facebook uses Bing as its search provider.

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    Facebook made Bing its default search engine to grant customers with a wider vary of search effects and to include aspects like on the spot solutions and auto-suggestions, bettering the general search ride inside the platform. Additionally, partnering with Bing allowed Facebook to diversify its income streams thru advertising and marketing partnerships and facts sharing agreements.

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    Bing became the default search engine for Facebook due to a strategic partnership between Microsoft and Facebook. The goal of this partnership was to improve Facebook's search capabilities while providing Microsoft with a key platform to increase awareness and user base for Bing. Additionally, the integration of Bing provided Facebook users with a seamless search experience within the social media platform.

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