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    Basic tips for TEC articles

    TECians, we are happy to see the steady stream of articles being submitted by our members. We would like to give a few basic tips & pointers to improve on the overall presentation of your articles. This will benefit both you and

    1. Do not give over-lengthy titles and avoid keyword stuffing in both the title and the summary.

    2. Always put a small introductory paragraph before you start the main text.

    3. Avoid large images which will overwhelm the text.

    4. Do not repeat something in different ways over and over again merely to lengthen the article.

    5. Always use proper sentence case, use a capital letter when necessary and present the article in neat paragraphs with good sub-headings. Also, avoid over use of punctuation and the word 'and'.

    6. Points can be listed using number or bullet tags.

    7. Most important: Present both sides of the coin when writing about a product, a software, an app or a service. That is, don't just write all positive things about it. All technical and technological products and services are bound to have some sort of glitch, drawback or annoying feature! When you have actually used the product or service, why not give a complete feedback with pros and cons / benefits and disadvantages? In case you have not actually used the product or software or service, you can still cover the positives and negatives of it. You can look up user reviews, feedback and suggestions and present them in the article, stating something like "Users of this software have criticized...." or "Those who downloaded this app found...." or "A review of this smartphone by tech experts pointed out that....". In short, don't just simply list the features, but provide an assessment of it.

    In case you need any guidance on improving your article, let us know in this thread.
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    Thanks Vandana mam. This is really very helpful information. It will definitely improve our quality and style of writing articles in TEC.
    I have a query related to the length of articles.
    In one of the forum posts in techulator, I saw Tony sir commenting that we give upto 250 INR for an article which definitely depends on its quality and length but I am confused that do we have to write an article of about 2500 words to get Rs 250 cash for it? I mean that would be hectic for the writer as well as the reader. Nobody would show interest in reading a 2500 word article anyway. So, can you please clear this for me what one has to do to get more rewards for god articles?


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    That 250/- is still an elusive goal for me too!

    It is actually not a question of words, but of the way it is written. A 1000 word article could also quite possibly get 250cc when all aspects are thoroughly covered. I have reached the 140cc mark once, for my article on Comparison between Google Asus Nexus 7 32GB tablet v/s Apple iPad Mini.

    So probably the Webmasters are looking for such detailed articles which really show both sides of the coin, as I stated in my text above. We need to not just mention whatever features are listed at the official website, but do a good assessment of it.

    Let us take up the challenge to submit articles which will fetch us the maximum. Let's make it our goal!


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    All members should note that articles which are correct and adhering to the guidelines are given more cash credits and points. Also such articles fetch more organic traffic (visitors from search engines). So I would request all members to follow all the guidelines strictly to make your articles attractive and optimized.

    Thanks Vandana madam for sharing these wonderful and useful tips. I am sure all these tips will help all new as well as old TEC members in improving their contributions to the resource section.

    My suggestion is that you should post a separate detailed thread explaining member's simple SEO tips which can be used in the articles so that the articles are properly optimized and fetch good traffic.


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    Oh yes! lets make it a challenge. Lets make it a goal to earn maximum reward points for an article. This will help us to optimize our content well and also a competition will rise. Thanks both of you for such guidance.

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    Dear Vandana ,
    First of all thank for posting thread on how to post and what are thebasic needs of article . This thread is really a healthy tonic for person who hesitate to post articles.

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