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    Unable to link my Infolinks account with Techulator

    Recently noticed that Techulator has newly added Infolinks as third party ad revenue program. I do want to know how to exactly link my Infolinks account with Techulator? Whenever I tried to add this site on Infolinks, it is said that the site has been already registered.
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    When you add the site to InfoLinks account, you can add your TEC profile url there instead of the root url.

    If your problem is still not resolved, please contact

    Check out how to integrate InfoLinks with us.

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    Nityananda Hazarika,
    I have successfully integrated my Infolinks account at this site. What you need to do:
    1. Put your Infolinks account ID at the page provided at in the box provided. Tony Sir has provided the link so follow the instructions given there. If you don't understand, let me know and I will guide you.

    2. Once you have added the account ID, go to your Infolinks account. At the 'Add Websites' tab, add the URL of your profile page at TEC, which is this:

    DO NOT give the URL of the home page of

    3. Select the category of computers and electronics when you are adding this site.

    4. Now go to the contact us link at the bottom of your Infolinks account page. Send them a message. This is the one I sent when they initially denied my application for TEC:
    "Hello, the URL provided is that of my profile page. The members contribute and can earn via revenue programs offered. Please provide me a unique wsid for the site. I have presently put in my Account number at the site and need to put in the wsid to begin earnings from Infolinks ads. Hope you do the needful soon. Please check these pages: [Send them 2 URLs of pages where your contributions can be seen at TEC]"

    Once you send this message, within 24hrs. you should get back a reply from them. This is the reply I got:
    "I have reviewed and approved your webpage on The Infolinks script for this page can be located under the Integrate tab in your account.

    Please keep in mind to integrate the correct script (with the unique website ID) in order for the activity of the ads to be reflected properly in the Reports section.

    If you need any further information or assistance don't hesitate to write me back anytime."

    So then you simply have to put the wsid number they have given you over here at that same page where you put in your Infolinks Account number.


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