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    Can I personally give my article to the Reviewer?

    After writing an article and submitting to
    If there was any mistake in that article like poor language. The Article will get rejected and can be re-submitted after a month. I don't want to wait for a month to re-submit that article.
    Hence can I personally send my Article to Reviewer(may be Tony John) to check the article via Gmail or Facebook or by other source ?
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    We do not have any such arrangement for direct review of an article by an editor. All members need to follow the system provided. In any case, since a rejected article can be submitted only after a month, what would be the point of getting it reviewed by an editor outside of this site? It will still be needed to be submitted here, isn't it?

    I would suggest that at the outset itself you should ensure your article is error-free and of good quality. We can understand basic typo and spelling errors, but overall if the text is poor in English, it will be rejected. You could try to improve your English by using online tools to correct the grammar of the text.


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