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    Why only Rs. 2 for any kind of question ?

    Member wrote questions sometimes very lengthy about 20 lines above and hot and buzz questions which is most people searching for, but still they get only 2Rs. for there interesting question.

    Is this is limited to get only Rs. 2 for any kind question ?
    Any way to get more than Rs. 2 for single question ?
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    Asking questions is really meant to make lot of money. If your goal is to make money, try posting useful answers.

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    First of all thanks to Techulotor team for provides wonderful place where you can ask our technical problems for better answer
    I know only Rs 2 may be little amount for question but you need to focus on 1000 visitor of your questions. If your all hot question crossed 1000 visitors then your earning increase automatically from ask question section

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    Thanks to the Techulator team who gives us cash for just asking our questions. If you just want to make money by this site than you must try to write articles, expert answers, you can also try to win the contests and many other awards announced on the site like MOW, member of the month, super contributors award and many more. You should not just think to make money by posting questions but if you want to get more cash than (Rs 2) on your questions than you must post interesting and attractive questions which can give you minimum 1000 visitors on your questions. If once your question gets 1000 visitors than you can request to the webmaster to award you with cash.

    I hope it was useful for you.

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    Why are you repeatedly pulling up old forum threads? You have even been sent a message not to do so but apparently are ignoring guidelines. Please take care not to pull up old forum threads needlessly even if the thread is still unlocked.


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