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    Why editing process is facing alot of delay?

    Dear Webmasters,
    There has been a lot of delay since last week in the editing process especially in the Ask Experts section. Some posts are not reviewed since many days and some articles not even from last 2 weeks. Can any body please tell me why is such a delay in this process going on.
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    I think there is 1 week of editing delay in Article section not of 2 weeks.

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    The article from 31st october has entered the second weak since its publish. And the experts section has got more posts to be reviewed. Is it normal or its soon going to be on track?

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    The article from 31st October is still there because it was sent to pending a few days back and is now back in New Submission list because it was edited by the author.

    Ask Expert section is edited by the WM and therefore might be experiencing temporary delays due to some preoccupation.

    Yes, there is a delay going on probably due to lack of editors. I hope this situation is resolved soon.

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    Its is OK sir. I just wanted to know the reason. We can understand the work load you have got.

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    Hi Mehdi,

    Thanks a lot for your patience and interest in contributing actively at Techulator.

    The editors are busy with their own personal stuff and as a result they are not able to devote time for editing.

    However, be assured that the all the pending work will be edited and approved within 1-2 days.

    Keep contributing at Techulator. Once again thanks for being patient.


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