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    Rejection due to poor english


    It's rejection doesn't deserve that reason!

    Would here apply a special case like this, albeit rather quickly. Or not!
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    This article has been rejected for the right reason. Also, I don't know why you keep creating new profiles for posting here.

    Considering that you are an old member I see no reason why a similar exception should be given for you.

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    Is it that you mean exceptions are only for new members. If, then I too see no reason for posting out this thread.

    By the way, I think I should get back to my local account. [Anonymous feeling "not unknown"]

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    Exceptions are given to exceptional cases. You as an old member don't need to be told that TEC accepts only high quality English. This is why it I told you to not edit the old articles. You can however post it as a new article but with the level of mistakes that were present in this article I am not much hopeful for an article which we would be able to approve.

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    Yes, Webmaster is right. You should rather focus on correcting the mistakes you make in your articles. Creating such threads will just waste your time. Improve the quality of your articles and get awarded without posting threads like this.

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