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    Payment through PayPal is possible in

    I would like to know different methods for payment in techulator.
    Is there any other available method of payments like through PayPal, Payza or Neteller?
    If yes so i would like to know the steps for payment.
    If no so why there is no different methods of payments in this amazing site? I think this site must have different payment method for options. It will be safe also.
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    Bank transfer is the safest method of payment as no third party is involved. Also, using any other method would involve other charges which would effectively reduce the amount you get in your account. If you are an Indian having a Indian bank account then it makes no sense to route the payment to your bank account through some third party.

    For international members PayPal is the available form of payment.

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    As Ankit mentioned above, we pay through Paypal only for members who cannot accept payments through bank transfer due to legal issues, technical problems or country barriers.

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