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    Can I get points for uploading my real photo?

    I would like to know there is a benefits of points if I uploaded my real photo to ?
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    Yes, as per guideline, you will get 50 points for uploading your real photo on approval.

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    That 50 points will be consider in case of MOV award or super contributor award OR not ?

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    Kindly wait for the confirmation from Webmaster.

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    Dear Manoj,
    The points will not be considered for the MOW or any other such award on Techulator. It will just be added as a bonus to your account for uploading your picture. However, it can help you to improve your overall rank.


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    Is this happen only once or we can use it as an advantage again and again?

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    For giving such awards, we look at the overall value of the contributions by the member. There are several non-contribution ways to earn extra points and we would consider them as well but overall we are looking for useful content. If you earn lot of points by posting photos, referring people etc and another person earns almost same points by posting articles/answers, he has higher chances of winning the awards.

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    When you upload your real picture, your account credits 50 points but these points are not count in the race of MOW. You should contribute proper content for win any rewards.

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