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    Article got rejected

    hello,i submitted an article but it got rejected by techulator.

    my article link:

    can anybody help me to get this artcle approved.
    by suggesting edits.
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    The reason for rejection is mentioned in the page. The reason is, it is written very poorly and we cannot accept such articles in this site.

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    ok. can you please edit that article and re-post it.

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    In case of few minor mistakes, editors usually correct the errors themselves and approve the article. However, it was not the case with your articles. The language quality is very low.

    Let me try to show you some of your mistakes:
    Your article title:
    Highest Free Recharge paying site and free call-Fcall

    1. You have written the word "Free", "Recharge" with "F" and "R" in capital letter. The "R" and "F" should be lower case since that is not a noun and not the first word of a sentence.

    2. Title looks like incomplete with language error "call-Fcall". is a site so it should be written with word "at"

    Above is just a sample of errors from a single sentence you have written. Your entire article is filled with technical errors as well as language errors. Unfortunately, techulator will not be able to accept articles like this unless you significantly improve your language skills.

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