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    Let the user know what he missed in his/her post in article section.

    Recently I published my Article "Meet Android One competitor XOLO One" the Article was rejected due to poor quality content or violation of our content policies.
    with Reason Poor language.

    I tried to overcome the levels like
    1. spelling mistakes (success)
    2. grammatical errors (success)
    3. vocabulary errors (success)
    4. language errors (success)
    5. poor language (failed)
    I tried out to make this article with easy English language so anyone can understand what's going on in the article, I didn't recognized where I got mistaken and poor language reason is not enough to understand the mistakes, Can you(checkers or editors) tell me what I did which is the reason for rejecting the article, Please highlight the points that are poor, and help me to fix such issue in my future article. please give your valuable time for the Answer of this post.
    Thank you.
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    I appreciate your enthusiasm to identify the errors in your article. In case of few minor mistakes, our editors usually correct the errors themselves and approve the article. However, it was not the case with your articles. The language quality is very low and are filled with grammatical errors.

    Let me try to show you some of your mistakes:

    XOLO Recently launched its new device named as XOLO One which is similar to name of Android One, The name itself represents XOLO company has built this phone to defeat Android One in Indian market, Currently the XOLO One is not available to trade at any online shop but it is announced at official site

    1. You have written the above text as a single sentence, separated by comma. It should be split into 3-4 meaningful sentences and a period (.) should be used to separate sentences.

    2. You have written the word "Recently" with "R" in capital letter. The "R" should be lower case since that is not a noun and not the first word of a sentence.

    3. You have written "XOLO One" is "similar to name of Android One". This comparison makes no sense. You are comparing them just because both of them have the word "One" in the name. It is like comparing "Snuggie" and "SnagIt" just because the names are similar. XOLO One is a device and Android One is an OS and you cannot compare both.

    4. You have said XOLO One was launched to defeat Android One in India. That is not the case. Nobody will release a product just to defeat someone else.

    5. "XOLO One is not available to trade" - it is not meant for trading. It is to "buy". Trading is an incorrect usage in this context.

    What I have shown above is just a sample of errors from a single sentence you have written. Your entire article is filled with technical errors as well as language errors. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept articles from you unless you significantly improve your language skills.

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    Thank you so much sir for giving your valuable time and suggesting by showing errors and helping me, In future you will not face such problem by me.
    Again Thank you so much.

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    Even in the answer you just posted above, look at the way you have used the comma. You have simply combined multiple sentences into one using a comma.

    "Thank you so much sir for giving your valuable time and suggesting by showing errors and helping me, In future you will not face such problem by me."

    After the words "helping me", you should use a period (.) and not a comma (,). I am pointing out this because you are repeating the same error all over this site including articles, forum posts, expert answers and so on.

    So, try to learn how to use a period at the end of the sentences, which will make your language a lot better.

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    Thank you.
    I need education and it will takes lots of time to cover my errors.
    Better to focus in Ask Expert section as you recently said in my other post.

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