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    Improper Answers to my Questions in Ask Expert

    When I ask questions in Ask Expert, and People answer that query, the answer I don't like, I stand for the answer is wrong and does not solve to a correct answer(others questions answer also), how to present feedback to such answer post that I'm not filled with the result or what can I do for that?

    Example below:
    link of my question:

    Answer(I'm not satisfied): answer from "Bhakti Savla" and "Alok Nath Pandey"
    A. Bhakti Savla:
    1. "Disadvantage of Android One: Being relatively new in the market, there are not enough reviews that reveal any negative points for this phone".
    is not any kind of disadvantage, she just tried to give answer in different way without knowing the actual disadvantage of that device.
    2. conclusion is not posted.

    B. Alok Nath Pandey: answer is ok but not fine.
    1. conclusion is not posted

    satisfied answer: answer from "Mobile Boy"
    answered my question very well with all answers provided in my question like conclusion and relative answers.
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    If you find any technical errors in any of the answers, you can submit your feedback as another answer. However, the intention of the Ask Experts section is to ask questions and get answers and it is not meant to be a place to find fault with others.

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