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    How we get paid for post?

    I was just thinking i'm getting paid per post, but how checker measure and rate the post and pay for that post, what they get benefits by paying user for its post? a question has been answered by multiple users just by different angle of view but result is the same and they also get paid for their answers.
    from where they pay us i mean they have balance over 1 lakh and they pay for the post or anything else, where the money came from to our cash credits.

    if got paid 10Rs for a post, so how techulator regain its 10Rs back with benefits?
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    I think Techulator consumes the available AdSense system to share revenue with its contributors.

    And profit doesn't come always! You get Rs 10 for a certain contribution because you deserve that amount as per the site's theme; which doesn't mean that TEC will get the amount back with profit. Even claiming a loss would be wrong if I say!

    You post certain content. Ads get shown on it. The more incoming traffic to your submission more will be the chances of getting ads hit by the viewers and this is by how we get paid and what determines the main revenue sharing procedure of the site?

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