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    Where to see server time?

    When I login to site at morning it still shows my name and points in Active members in Today. So I would like to know what is the time of this server. I want to be MOW,so it is very important me to know the server time because by Interval of time about a week, I will manage the time and then I will give my performance as good as I can.
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    We are in Pacific Time Zone. If you search for "current Pacific Time", Google will show you the server time.

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    What to do now, I make a big mistake, I answered maximum 11 Questions in ask expert today before 12:00PM and got 33 points, I thought after review to my answer points will get increased and there will be possible chance to win MOW, after 12:30pm i had seen in Active Members my name is vanished from active and from last 7 day.
    Is any idea to get my points back in today so my points(33) will be in this current week?

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