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    Guide me about my speed in case of Article

    I had done my New article about a latest smartphone, in which It requires to compare features of two devices, which requires HTML knowledge( to make table and compare features)in which I'm a beginner, To done 90% of my article(860words) I spent more than 2:50Hours with correcting mistakes, is I'm wasted my time or I'm too slow to finalize article, Whats the duration should be to complete any article for appropriate topic and length of article?
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    Your typing speed and vocabulary will determine how much time you consume to write a quality article. Writing an article in your own words will save a lot of time as you need not to ponder upon the what is written in the source content and how you would edit its sentences in such a way that it wouldn't seem to be a copied one anyhow.

    Proper research before writing an article is a recommendation. And remember that the vocabulary you have is the overall thing that determines your writing speed. If your vocabulary is good, better or the best, you can surely write an article with normal, faster or the fastest speed respectively.

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    To be frank, your language is not good enough to publish technical articles. There are lot of grammatical and spelling errors in the article which makes it difficult for the editors to tune it. I would suggest you to focus on Ask Experts section where you can post answers which our editors can tune by improving the language. It is not possible to make massive corrections on lengthy articles.

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    Tony John you had challenged me, OK it's fine, wait for a day, my article is just ready and very soon i will publish it. after reading my article then tell me the feedback how was that.
    It's my first article and i believe it will be very good and attractive.
    Hey I'm not angry OK.

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    Tony John thanks for your valuable advice.

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