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    Why no ad units are shown in my Google Adsense account for Techulator?

    Hello Webmaster and senior TEC members,
    I was just analyzing my Google Adsense account in detail today when I realized that under "My Tabs" section, I only have 4 ad units related to IndiaStudyChannel shown. I have my adsense account associated with both ISC as well as Techulator, yet only ISC ad units are visible. Can anyone explain the reason for the same? Do I need to create separate ad units for Techulator?

    I was trying to associate my Adsense account to my new Wordpress blog and got confused with the creation of new Ad units for the same. This is when I noticed missing ad units for TEC. Also, in the "Access and Authorization" section, I do not see the name of Techulator website under "Third Party Access". Please share some light on this issue.

    Many Thanks in advance!
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    In case of ISC, being a revenue sharing site authorized by Google, it has limited access to your account which allows it to set the sharing percentage on the earned revenue by you. Therefore you are seeing the ad units.

    However, in case of TEC, here we just require your publisher id to generate the ads from your account. You see, the code of an ad is same for all publishers except for the difference of the publisher id. It means by putting your publisher in an Google Adsense ad code anybody can make it an ad from your account. So, TEC does not require access to your Google Adsense account but does require that you enter your publisher id in the required filed in your dashboard. This is why it won't list in your "Access and Authorization" section where I suppose right now "blogger", "ISC" and "Hubpages" would be showing depending on wherever you have associated your account.

    Ad units are created just for helping you create the code for adding on your website. Once you add your ad code on your Wordpress website after copying the code created from your ad unit, after that even if you delete the ad unit from your AdSense account but don't remove the code from your Wordpress website, the ads would still work fine.

    Just make sure that if you use the feature which allows explicitly only those sites to display AdSense ads with your publisher that you have added in that list, you do add ""

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    Hello Webmaster,
    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation! I am now pretty clear with this concept and hope to make use of this knowledge gained in future! Thanks once again.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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