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    Has anyone applied of Adsense hosted account through YouTube?

    I have some videos on YouTube, and am creating some more. I wanted to go for an Adsense hosted account by applying through YouTube. By the looks of it, getting one seems easy since you can use the application process given in YouTube monetization. But I also read a detailed article somewhere that said that if you want to be approved for sure you must have at least 5000 subscribers and 1 million upload views. That seems quite high since then there must be thousands of videos to get that many views.

    Has anyone got an approved Adsense account through YouTube and can give details of what exactly is needed from experience, like number of videos, views, subscribers etc.?
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    There's no minimum requirement of videos/views/subscribers to get Adsense approval from YouTube. All you need is a few good quality videos with original content. The more popular the video is, the better the chances of Adsense approval. The video must not have any copyright material included as well.

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    Amit has given the answer to your question. I would just like to add that this account will work only on YouTube and not on any other site. For that you need to go through another review process.

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