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Hello fellows,

Thinking this as a thread of a person from a similar situation I am facing i would like to ask you experts on Techulator

I am thinking of buying a Led/Plasma very soon(can wait till diwali),but earlier the better.

So the information part-

Budget 45-60k.
Atleast a 47 inch
Preferrably a plasma,3d or smart
Full Hd is a must
More of daily channel viewing on dth,with movies on hdd,occassional cricket viewing,and for now no gaming,which I might include an year later.

Few of my doubts which I would like to clear first.

#Should I still go in for a plasma,when everyone saying that plasmas are coming to the end of their cycle, is their any risk if I buy a LG plasma(2014model),which I am most keen to buy.
Personally I think there is nothing bad still buying a plasma bcoz itz a 2014 model and LG is not any brand that's going to shut down their operations tomorrow itself.
They even might give a replacment piece for a plasma to a LED as panasonic did with theirs,as per few threads on Techulator,if still the TV is under warranty.

#Can i go in for projectors, though a totally different league i know,leaving all this behind.

#How much would be the difference per year on an avg usage of electricity consumption of plasma and a Led?

#I hope I should not go in for brands like Sansui,Igrasp,Vu,Haier,Toshiba,Lloyd,Hitachi,Akai,Abaj,etc.
As I am getting a whooping 55 inch monster from Vu at just 55k.
Should i go in for it?

#I hope life period of plasmas nowadays are as comparable to LEDs ypthese days.

So getting to the shortlisted products,totally online research(with 2,3k additional discounts on most from online sites on quoted price through offers)

LG 50PB6600 50 inches Plasma 53940  on Flipkart

LG 47LB5610 LED TV, black, 47

LLOYD L50N 50 Inches Full HD LED Television 48807         

Philips 50PFL4758 50 inches Full HD LED Television. 51771        

LG 47LB5610 47 Inches Full HD LED Television. 59058             

Panasonic Viera TH-50A410D 50 inches Full HD LED Television 58890  

LG 49LB5510 49 Inches Full HD LED Television 63488               

There are some others also but by these you can get an idea what I am looking for.
Hoping for a reply,though I know these are hell lot of questions to ask for in a single thread by one person.
Hoping to hear a good response from all you bigshots of techulator,you are only ones whom I can ask,the guys at digital stores are total morons as per my past experiences.
I think they should be given a compulsory 2 hour research on techulator on various forums,so they can get some knowledge on tech.