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    Proper Care must be taken before approving posts

    Hi Tony,

    Recently, When I am browsing through our website I found an issue which is rather frustrating and intriguing. I can see some of the members are re-posting their questions with slight changes in content. They must be deleted as the same content is duplicated, the same way you do with duplicate answers in 'Ask Experts' section.

    One more issue I found is many of the questions are getting approved with out even proper check like spelling mistakes, improper grammar and uncompleted sentence endings. Some questions are rather meaningless because the member could not express the real intent of the question.

    Unless proper care is taken before approving the questions and answers, the reputation of these sections gradually fall with time.

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    Can you please give the links of few such questions so that we can get a more clear picture of this issue?

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I found the following Urls with above listed issues.

    One more suggestion from my side is, I could see many "Ask Experts" answers are just making a pile of prices from various websites for a particular product. They just cut, copy and paste the price details and deals. If no proper measure is taken, soon this section turns into a "Prices, Discounts and Deals" section.

    Sorry for being a little rude but here in this section, we have to share our knowledge but not copy and paste.

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