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    Blogging tips on How to start writing on new Blog?

    Many students, online now plan to write something on Google blogger. Most of the writer is sharing knowledge article just to make money out of many ways, which I will be discussing later.

    Before writing on any blog you have to know the basic of blogging and the Search engine optimization for your blog. I have given some of important tips related to blogging for a new blog on How to start written to make blog popular.

    Selecting a good domain is very important aspect of blooging. Find a well domain name that can be easy to remember and should contain your main keywords on it. Keep the name of your website in such a way that it is easy to remember and recognize it very quickly by reader.

    Update your blog on a daily or weekly basis and post Article on your niche subject using the words of trending topics. As this will help you get search engine traffic on that post and reader after reading current article may also read your important article for which you do not have search engine ranking

    Always use Images for very post as the reader will be easily identify the topic of any article just looking on top where you post related image for that post.

    I suggest you to write about things which you know best, instead of writing long article with boring phrases write short article with rich keyword sentences. This will boost your search ranking and pages will be indexed faster in any search engine.

    Always ask for suggestion and comments, feel happy to accept negative suggestion also as they will help you to corrects your entire small mistake and make you good writer in future
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    Yes, it is a good tips from you on how to start a new blog from Google platform. Domain name is very important beside related niche and regular updates with reasonable SEO with topic image in each post to let visitors know what you are helping them out.

    It is better to create a blog which you are an expert or being professional, or try to create a blog which generally fetch daily traffic by checking Google Keyword Tools or Google Webmaster tools.


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    (1) Before you venture into blogging, you should purchase web hosting from a reliable provider

    (2) Don't go with cheap providers offering so called "UNLIMITED" disk space and bandwidth.

    (3) Update you blog once in every 2 days and post the link on your social media accounts. twitter, facebook, pinterest, stumbleupon etc.

    You will get software which can submit to 500 websites but I haven't seen any usefulness.

    (4) While posting on Twitter, always use HASH TAGS for better visibility of your post.

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    Dear Nagraj Kudari, Nowadays blogging become a good option of earning but it should full of quality. There are various ways to start your blog Such as you can blogging through blogger and platform. Both are free of cost for free. After that you can choose domain name as you like, etc.

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    There are many bloggers earning good money through adsense program of Google. But Google changed their payment structure in India. Earlier they used to send cheque in the home address and I was fortunate enough to receive their cheque more than once. But now they changed the payment structure and introduced bank transfer facility. Many bloggers are in little confusion and we all are waiting for more details.

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