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    Adsense earning from techulator

    After a long break, I decided to become active on Tec. I earned around 38$ from adsense. I have no other blogs. So adsense must have generated from here itself. But it took a very long time to earn this much. Now I am trying to speed up the adsense earning through Tec. So how many articles should I be writing per week in order to earn a decent income from adsense? Kindly don't tell me to write unique and quality articles, I am doing all I can to improve quality. Expecting valuable responses from you guys.
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    Thank you for being an active contributor in Techulator. To be frank, online earning is not easy as it used to be. More over, it is not the number of articles that determine the revenue but it is the traffic your articles get is what determines the revenue. If your articles get a lot of traffic, you will get a lot of revenue. We have seen some of our members earning up to US$ 1000 in a month but many others earn less than $50 per month.

    You can see the traffic stats of your articles and see how much traffic it generates. If you can write articles that can fetch huge traffic, you don't need too many articles to make good revenue.

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    Thanks for your reply sir, but how do we see the traffic stats of our articles?
    Abdul Rahman

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    Use StatCounter. Its settings can be done in your Dashboard.

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    Can I use my hosted Adsense account in techulator?
    Thanks & Regards

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    It is very advicable for you to contribute quality resources on this site so that you can earn more from this site.

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    You can't.

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    From my previous stats I can see for every 1000 visitors I get $1. However it may change but it is the average for all time. So try to get more visitors for you post rather than checking the clicks.

    For stats check only the Adsense reports. The visitors that shows in Statcounter and Adsense differs. In Statcounter website it usually shows more visitors than Google reports in Adsense. Google won't take all the visitors in for Adsense viewers calculation. They will skip the pages visited by you.

    You will get to know about all those details by constantly posting articles.

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