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    Which sites have you tried to make money online?

    Hi Techulator members,

    We all know that one of the major reasons why most of the members contribute to Techulator is due to the cash credits offered and Adsense revenue sharing. Many of us contribute to get some extra cash, make some extra pocket money, help other by sharing our knowledge and various other reasons.

    Apart from Techulator, there many other sites too which allow you to make money. However not all of them are genuine like Techulator. According to my knowledge, there is another website which is trusted and genuine called which is a sister site of Techulator. Most of us already know this site as it is very famous.

    Have you tried or worked at any other website? How was your experience? Do share it with the fellow members.
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    As you said there are lots of sites which claims that they pay for users activities on their sites.
    The very popular money making system in internet is Advertisement clicking.
    Sites like Neobux, Probux, Clixsense are old, and reputed by online users. In the name of these sites there tons of sites revolving us online and claims they pay for just "Clicking & Viewing". A normal internet user who had few experience in online life will surely get attracted to it and waste their precious time to view the advertisements.
    At some point, I am sure they will disappointed by the way their payment increasing, even though if some users reach the payout level the site admin will message them to send an deposit amount to get their payment. Sure, it will be an insult for the user and their confidence in online money making system will reduce.
    It is must to search the web that whether the site is legit or not in user payments. Even trusted sites like Neobux, Probux etc.. are taking so much time to reach the payout level.
    Basically, If there are 100 Money making sites available in online, then 99 are fake.
    What about your opinion about these money making systems of online?

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

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    There are very few Indian money making websites, because of the corruption online in India, there are many foreign websites, but payment can be blocked by dishonest greedy officials.

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    This is a good thread as it educate members and visitors on how to earn from the internet. I have been making money through indiastudychannel and

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    Hello Shravan,
    You have initiated a good discussion. I have been associated with sites like ISC, Techulator, Hubpages, Odesk, etc. and earned decent amount from all of them (apart from the Google AdSense earnings). I believe there are few sites that actually allow us to earn from them, but, they are all top quality websites and easily stand out from the rest.

    The basic principle followed behind identifying genuine online earning websites is to look out for any website that doesn't ask for investment.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    There are many sites which allow you to make money online. But, the internet is full of fakes and scams, so, you have to be careful before selecting a site. Of course, as well as are great sites for earning few bucks while learning. Also, if you have got some skills like logo designing, copy-typing, data filling, web designing, may heir you.
    You can earn from many sites by writing article for them. For example, if you are an electrical engineering student, and can write electrical related articles, can pay you a small amount if you can write an article for them.

    Electrical is easy!

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    I searched for many websites to make money before joining ISC. I don't remember the site name as I was not so interested on them. The task will be like ad-clicking, polls, or survey. I found them boring and so I discontinued within a day. When I joined ISC there were contests related to mobile phone. Since I was obsessed with mobile phone I was interested in those competitions.

    I came across such post many times in ISC. Most of them tell about pay per click, free recharge, surveys etc. I heard we can earn income through developing apps. There are many ways to earn bucks through online. I think we can find genuine ways in books.

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    Do require security money before payout ?

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    Hi Alok,

    You don't need to give/pay any Security deposit to get payout from Techulator. Once you reach the payout minimum level you will be payed without any security deposit.

    Unlike other sites, Techulator is transparent. There are no violations here. You will be get paid for your work.
    Hope you got the answer. Greetings!

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

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    Thanks Harish for valuable answer

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    There is a website called where you can be hired as a content writer and earn some decent amount.

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