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    Driver software installation taking very long time

    Driver software installation taking very long time more than 10 minutes for all 3g usb modems
    Searching preconfigured driver folders takes 5-10 minutes
    Installing driver software takes another 5-10 minutes
    Any suggestions for the reason for the delay, how to reduce the delay?
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    Usually Driver Software installation is one time process. After that you can simply open the desired application with few seconds. I don't think that a 3G USB Modem installation will take more than 15minutes.
    I have Micromax modem and the installation just need less than 5 minutes. If you're facing this problem then your system speed must be measured. And when installing don't run other applications which may effect your installation speed. Also there may be other services working on the background may slow up the pace of your PC.
    But as I said earlier, it's just a one time installation so there is no need to install it again. I am still confused whether you're facing problem with installation of your USB Modem or Opening the USB modem.
    A better query may get more accurate answer. However, you must maintain your computer well, for long and best performance without any lag. Keep it simple, that must be the best thing you can do.

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