How to Shop International Products Online?

Globalisation of our attire & accessories has now become a reality. Coach bags, Michael Kors watches & Chanel perfumes have started occupying a lot of wardrobe space in Indian metros today. The young upwardly mobile Indian is as brand conscious & slick as his or her global counterpart. This phenomenon has opened business avenues for Indian & Global e-commerce sites. is a shopper's delight with a difference. They understand that today's discerning Indian wants to broaden their horizons beyond the ordinary and thus offer a unique service called "Personal Concierge".

Personal Concierge is a premium service giving unprecedented access to the countless online stores in the US, UK, Hong Kong, China, UAE, South Africa, Germany & Turkey; because something that will catch your fancy can, quite literally, come from anywhere. The tagline of Personal Concierge- You name it… we get it!!! explains everything about the service.

This means with Personal Concierge every customer will have an easy access to the global market and they can buy something as affordable Top Shop, H&M, Anne Taylor,Macy's and many more.Unbeatable shipping charges, defined delivery time, in-transit insurance and a price tag in "INR" makes it all the more worth every penny you spend. Personal Concierge also provides a dedicated service to the more affluent customers by providing a personalized assistance right from input on design to buying the product from any of the latest runway collection of Prada, Gucci, Tory Burch or the raved gadget of the season. Now that's exactly what "Concierge" means.