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    If power goes in middle , is there any risk for loosing saved datas

    Well this may be silly but as computer wizards i want a candid answers

    K Mohan
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    If the data you are working with is earlier or already saved by you then you need not to worry about losing of data.

    But in some condition you can also lose data. It is when you do not shut down your system properly, you are trying to make your system corruptible or unstable. In that case the data saved in your directory in which OS installed can lose due to wrong indexing of data or due to format changes.

    So it would be better to properly shut down the system to avoid risk of losing data. And have some sort of UPS to give you chance so that you can close the doors of windows.

    Vikram Singh Saini


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    Hi K.Mohan,

    If it does not effect on hard disk. If hard disk is effects by the electricity failure then the data can be lost. If there is no effect on hard disk then every thing is fine.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Definitely risk is there,we have 2 take the risk as a challenge at the same time we have already saved data to saved another memory.

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    Saved data are not in risk, because it is already saved to the disk and even if your OS is crashed then also you can get the data back by attaching it to another machine and take a back before formatting your machine. If the data is in the bad sector then recovering the data from hard disk bad sector will be difficult. Even though there are many data recovery software's are there if the bad sector is worse than recovering the data from bad sector chances are vey less.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Vikaram Singh

    Thanks for responding.

    Proper shutdown is important to save the data.

    Thats the important comment you made.

    The contents were helpful.

    Keep it up.

    K Mohan

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    Hai Prashanth

    Once i lost all the data.

    And i had to re load the OS files.

    Thanks for responding.

    K Mohan

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    If power goes in middle Then

    You will loose all the un saved data

    If your unlucky then you will also loose the
    data which you saved few seconds before the power goes

    If you are using a software Which was in the middle of
    updating the database then you could end corrupting the
    database. If your last backup was taken a week back then
    you will lose the entire weeks data


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    Thanks for responding with details.

    The contents are useful for me as well as other members too.

    K Mohan

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    Hi Mohan sir,

    If the data is saved then there is not fear of loosing the data even if power is cut off from the system.

    If we have not saved the data and power is cut off from the system then the data will get lost. So it is good to save the data time to time when we are working on an important work.

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    Hello K Mohan ,

    No, your data will not be effected as it is saved earlier as you mentioned.

    If you have UPS then no problem!
    It will give you back up so your computer will not shut down immediately as the power goes away.
    Thats why you should always save what ever you do.

    I Do it every time.

    Best of luck

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    Thanks Darshan and Pamela for your response and suitable advise.

    I hope these kind of advise will pave long way to understand the computers better way.

    K Mohan

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    Hello Mohan,

    If power goes in middle , There is NO risk for loosing saved datas.Because The data is already stored in your hard that nothing to worry about that.

    If you does not saved the data means,there is a problem that you might lost your unsaved data.

    So there is always save your data when begin to work and repeat this after you finish some portion of data.If power goes off,There is lose for your final small portion.
    Keep this tip and save your work.

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    Thanks Rajendran for responding to this thread.

    This post has received good response from members and i thank all of them for responding it,

    K Mohan

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    It not always same, sometimes when you are working and you have data in your RAM then with the loss of power the data is lost suddenly and cannot be restored again.

    The best way of restoring the data is to save it automatically by adjusting the timer such that after few minutes or seconds it will automatically saves in your computer, in case if the power switched off in middle then it doesn't make too difference for you, as very little data will be lost which is recoverable.

    The best thing is to use the UPS as it will provide you with the time to save your urgent data and keep on the safer side.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Chirag thanks for responding with details for this post.

    The information were useful for the computer users.

    Kindly participate in forums daily.

    K Mohan

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    If you have saved the data files, then there would be no problem. But it is not safe to work without a UPS for the computer. You should always connect a UPS for your computer so that it will give some back up of 10 to 15 minutes for you to save the data and also shutdown the computer. If there is no UPS and you connect your system directly to the main power and if the power fails, then there is a possible for losing the Windows OS files and operating system itself may fail or may not function properly.

    I always suggest you to use a UPS system rather than directly connecting to the main power source.


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    Raghav thanks for the post and advise.

    Computers must be used with UPS back up and i too used it. But if the UPS is fully not charged then the back time is minimal in that case saving file is difficult.

    Any way thanks for taking pain to reply me.

    K Mohan

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