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    Discuss: Do you think the release of Iphone 4 can affect the growth of computers(sales).

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think the release of Iphone 4 can affect the growth of computers(sales).'.
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    it wont affect any computer sales , but it will affect mobile phone..
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    It will not affect computer market because even though everyone who is using iPhone is browsing, chatting, Downloading and many more. To work with application software, high end and high resolutions games you cannot use an iPhone. IPhone is more over a communicating device.iPad is doing well, but that will not affect the computer market. Computer is not only for the browsing, you can do many things with that.

    My conclusion is iPhone 4 is not affect the computer market growth

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    I don't think that iphone 4 will make any effect on computers because computer is very important machine now a days. Each and every person is using computer for various purpose. I don't think that any work of computer can be done on iphone 4. Iphone 4 is a mobile phone where you can access your mails, send messages, mms, access the internet. But you can't do the work like programming, you can't create software, you can't download any big files on iphone and many more things.

    So, iphone 4 can't replace computers.

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    Prashant Sultania

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    A phone is always a phone, although it has many features of computers it cannot be a full fledged computer. It can be liked more for offering attracting on the go features. I don't think it has any relation with sales of computers. May be it will have effect on other model phones like Nokia HTC and samsung etc.
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