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    How to get my Blog approved by Google Adsense?

    Here goes my issue:
    I used to hold an account in one of the blogging portals a long time ago. Did post some blogs, mostly on sports or other general issues that time. Since then it was lying idle and today, I don't even remember that blog address. So when I tried to search that blog account, and did not succeed, I opened another one. I posted a few blogs and as I tried to link it to Google AdSense, it said my account did not fulfil the criteria such and such, one of which was that my Blog Account should be at least 6 months old.
    Now I opened this account only recently. So shall I have to wait for 6 months or there are some other ways by which Google AdSense approves it earlier?
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    For countries like India and China, Google requires your site to be up and running for at least 6 months. I don't think there's a shortcut that will let you have an adsense account before 6 months, nor should you try to get one!

    I suggest you to build your site up and keep writing quality articles. By the end of 6 months, you would not only have qualified for Adsense application but would also have decent traffic. Here's an Adsense Application Checklist that you should go through as well.

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    A question which help user to know the correct reason for approving individual Blogs through Google Adsense.

    Dear Amit mehta please check your Adsense Application Checklist link is attached or not as if user want to see or click on it , it is not directed to correct page.

    Please recheck your post and update it.

    As per the Google Adsense rule and regulation for India , we have to wait for 6 month and we do not have any alternate solution.

    There are paid blog affiliated program where you can join and earn good commission for selling and inviting more members.

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    Thank you dear friend Kapadia for sharing this useful information, if you can name such "paid blog affiliated program" it would really help us a lot.

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    Dear Anwesha B , Google it You will find a ton of the site which will have the affilated features and earning opportunity.

    Happy Earning.

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    It is very ideal for every blogger online with the desire to earn on their blog through adsense. But there are criteria to be fulfilled before you can have access to approval from Google for adsense.

    My advice to you is that you should continue to post quality articles in that blog for now and try driving traffic to the blog and when it is exactly six months then apply for adsense. And I believed by that time your blog will have been matured for it.

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    Yes it is mandatory for Indian bloggers to have the blogs atleast 6 months old. Well if you take my suggestion contribute to this site and apply for Adsense. It will become easier for you to get approval. I did the same and I have approved Google Adsense. Basically there are six criteria which has to be fulfilled if you are applying for adsense through Techulator:
    1. Profile details with Address updated

    2. Minimum 10 valid articles approved

    3. Achieved GOLD Level

    4. Received atleast 1 prize

    5. Member Active for 6 months+

    6. Profile photo uploaded & verified

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    Hi Koushik,

    You have come at the right place. Our experienced members will be definitely in a very good position to give you suggestions and feedback.

    I would suggest you to go through the below Resources at Techulator. That will give you a complete idea about why Google rejected your application and what you can do to get approved.

    Also read other related articles which are available at Techulator related to the subject.

    All the best for getting your Adsense account approved.


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