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    Is AdSense the best ads provider?

    There is many of the sites in India such as chitika and many other like infolinks which provides one of the best services to earn money and display ad on your blog or website. But the most famous site for ad is Google AdSense which gives you good chance of earning money but are there any good ad providing sites which can give you one of the best opportunities to earn some amount of money by cost per click. I there is any such site so please provide detailed information about that site as well so that I can sign up and display ads on my blog which is Your answer will be highly appreciated and I will be very thankful to you.
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    As far as I know, AdSense is the best ads provider and giving benefit to its publishers. There is no one on the top of the list to compare with Google Adsense at the moment.

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    Hi Himanshu,

    Well. In my opinion "Google Adsense" is the best advertisement provider. You know it is not easy to get a Google adsense account. They give more money for traffic than any other Advertisement network in the world. Also Google Adsense are trusted by thousands of people and Google Adsense is the only reasons that everyone is try out for Blogging!.

    Other Advertisement provider like Chitika also a good company with promising payout still not better than the mighty Google adsense. And also Google Adsense is easy to cash out while other may find some difficulties.

    So these are may be the reason why Google Adsense is the number one Advertisement provider in internet world. it's my opinion. I don't think there are many people who are against Gogle Adsense's performance.

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    If you take my opinion Google Adsense is the best ad provider of all times. It's performance is best and payments are send on proper time. One of the main reason why it is best because it is a product of Google. Some of my friends use Chitika for placing ads on their blogs but they don't seems to be satisfied. I would recommend you to stick with Google Adsense and try out for it. Most of the top bloggers from India as well as World are generating high income from it.

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    In my opinion, Google Adsense is one of the best ads provider or Ad network to monetize blogs, website and content.

    My personal experience is that, if you compare Adsense with some other ad networks, the revenue generated with Adsense is much more than others. However, getting an Adsense account these days has become really difficult and you need to have a very good blog with good content and reasonable traffic from search engines.

    Other ad networks mentioned by you, like Chitika and Infolinks are also good. Infolinks is mainly in text advertising networks and Chitika generates good revenues for traffic from western countries.

    You can try all advertising networks yourself and see which suits best for your blog and traffic coming to it. The one which performs well can be used by you.


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