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    I need to know about mobile device mangement tech nology

    now I am working in mobile device management technology, I need to know whether this has a future or not...pls help me by telling yur valuvable comments
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    It surely has a great future.

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    Mobile device management technology comes under different software types. Some of Cloud-based software allows mobile devices to use the software features by adding mobile device hardware IDs in the software management console.
    Similar cases such as allowing mobile devices to access software for email clients. If you have any email client software and want to configure the same for any mobile device, you can activate your mobile device's hardware ID to enable software on your phone.
    Telecom companies also use various types of mobile services to handle our mobile device. The banking sector also manages mobile devices to allow a very safe banking-related application.
    So the fact is that there are many types of markets, applications, industries, and portals that use mobile device management systems already. Mobile is the latest version of technology at anytime and anywhere in your pockets. So the techno world of today is definitely running on mobile device management system.

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