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    Is adsense is only the way where we can earn more.

    hello sir i am ravi just completed my final exams and started blogging one month back with out any knowledge just started by watching some tutorials and also i applied for adsense and got rejected and applied for infolinks and got approved but not satisfied with that and again i applied for adsense but i have no hopes adsense will approve my blog but i want to be a best blogger and earn so can any one suggest me any ideas.
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    Hi Ravi,

    First of all congratulations for completing your final exams and starting your journey in the blogging world.

    Google Adsense is one of the most used and popular way to monetize your blogs and websites. The revenue generated by using Adsense is far more when compared to other advertising networks. However Google Adsense has become very strict and accepts only high quality blogs and websites in their network.

    I would suggest you not to get dejected due to rejection by Adsense but instead work hard on your blog for a few months, get good quality organic traffic and then reapply for the Adsense program.

    There are lots of high quality articles and tutorials on blogging at Techulator. You can go through them and learn more about blogging and various other related things. Below are the links:

    Go through the articles in the above sections and increase your knowledge.


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    sir thanx for giving valuable information for me
    sir, i have another question as i said adsense rejected my blog and re-applied for it i got a message from adsense that ""As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s). As a result of this review, we have disapproved your account for containing copyrighted material:""
    this is the message i got and i deleted all copyrighte material from my blog and what else i should do after deleting copyrighted posts from my blog and weather i should remove those copyrighted post links from webmastertools or not.

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    Those links would be removed automatically, don't worry about that But do understand that you would get success in blogging only when you publish original content and not post someone else's content on your blog. That way you are just cheating and could get in legal trouble also.

    Work on your English and first improve that. Try to create original content which is useful for the readers. Work on your blog till you get at least 100 visitors directly from search engines and after that apply for Adsense.

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    thanx sir so i need not to remove links from webmastertools just removing copyrighted posts from adsense is it enough.
    sir my blog daily gets 100visitors and my blog rank is good.

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    @Ravi, if possible share your blog url.

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    I went through your blog. My personal suggestion would be to change the theme/layout of your blog. You can choose a good template available online. The current template makes it difficult for the user to navigate and read the blog.

    Also work on the content. Make it more attractive, free from errors and grammatical mistakes. Make sure you use proper search engine optimization techniques to get more organic traffic coming from search engines.

    Apart from Adsense you can also use various other methods to get revenue from your site like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, direct advertising etc.

    Hope it helps! If you have any other query feel free to ask!


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    There are many other alternative for adsense to earn money for your blog or website.

    The list of the site name where you can earn money through alternate adsense program

    1) India Study Channel
    3) Chitika and many other.

    Alternate way is that you can also join many affiliate program like
    , icube,, neverblue.

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    At present, Adsense is the only way and ad source where we can earn more. Though there are couple of other options available like other Ad networks and Affiliate Marketing etc. to earn online but all of them are behind Google Adsense.

    Any how, you can earn more in a different authenticated online project assigned by some genuine companies which some of them uses and earn like a part time online jobs. Look before you leap.


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    There are other ad networks for earning money, but the webmasters are subjected to identity theft attempts to steal the websites.

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    There are many other sites for earning money through blogging and here is the link given below so that you can earn some amount of money from blogging-

    1. India Study Channel
    2. Techulator
    3. Dotnetspider
    4. Adsense (as you have mentioned in your post)
    5. Chitika
    6. Infolinks

    The other way of earning money is getting an affiliate program from a site like Flipkart or Amazon and post their product ads in your blog and earn some about of money. You should also read blogging tricks on techulator written by the owner of the site Tony John. Hope that this will help you a lot.

    Note- Please post your question by checking its grammar twice or use any software like MS Word.

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