Experience the flexibility of Windows 8.1

Microsoft introduces windows 8.1 that looks like windows 8 but with much differences that diverges towards windows 7
Now user can directly log on to the Desktop for this right-click the Taskbar > Properties > Navigation tab.
At bottom pane click "When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start".
Finally click OK/Apply button
Another distinguishable feature is the Start Button.Microsoft again replace the button in the bottom left corner.
windows 8.1 also introducing next generation features like 3D Printing,WIFI direct and MIRACAST streaming.
Another difference is Hyper V (Windows Server Virtualization)is available free of cost in windows 8.1.We need to pay some extra amount for the same in windows 8.
Native USB 3 support instead of third party drivers is a new and unique feature of windows 8.1.
Even if some tech experts are in the opinion that win 8.1 is not a separate OS it is only an update of windows 8.