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    Recheck me again this article in order to qualify to be published

    Dear Editors,

    Please let me know about

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    The reason of deletion of the article is mentioned there itself. The quality of English used in the article is very poor and if this is the quality you will be providing for your future articles too then I am sorry to say but we won't be able to accept any future articles for you.

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    Thank you for your feedback but Which part of my article is violating your terms as mentioned and I have checked this article with other directory which is not copied one also.

    I do not able to understand which grammar and english part I am wrong suggest me so that I can improve it and I can move in proper direction as per your terms and condition.

    And my intention was not to write poor english but try to improve it as better as I can

    Please guide me correctly so that I can able to understand where I am going wrong.

    Await for your kind support in order to take this further in positive direction

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    Each sentence of your article is not in proper English. Let's take your above response, I am rewriting it correctly below:

    "Thank you for your feedback but can you please tell which part of my article is violoating your terms? I have checked this article with other directories and it is not copied either.

    I am not abl to understand what grammatical and English mistakes are there in the article? Please tell me so that I can improve them and move in proper direction as per your terms and conditions."

    I hope that gives you an idea about the amount of mistakes in your article! This is not about the article being copied or violating any specific T&C. It is purely about poor quality of English.

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    Dear Webmaster,

    The line
    "I am not abl to understand what grammatical and English mistakes are there in the article"

    It show spelling mistakes.

    And this line that you have written in place of what I have mentioned is completely change the meaning

    In my line I would like to inform you that what are my grammatical mistake that I am making but what you have written is changes the sentence line but not the meaning.

    I thing this can be done with the help of the software that are available and there you paste the details and it will automatically change it.

    But what I have written in god gifted and Every man like to learn something naturally not from software because some software have error itself while designing instead of using "then" software mentioned "than" This is one example.

    Thank you once again for your feedback.

    I will again check the same article and make improvement in it and can I re-submit it or give me some suggestion regarding my own article that which part I should change.

    Await for your support

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    If I had used a software or even MS Word for that matter that typo would not have happened! Anyhow, if there were some mistakes in the article I would have corrected it myself while editing the article but as the whole article is in poor English I can't help you. You can try submitting the article again after getting it corrected with someone's help and see how it turns out.

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    Dear webmaster ,

    This is further to our earlier conversation regarding to recheck the article by correcting it. I have update the detail with correction please check

    You can see these update article

    Please guide me if any other modification to be required

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    I am afraid the article is still far from okay in terms of proper English. We won't be able to approve it.

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    Please specified the exact reason of not approving the article.

    Await for your intelligent and smart answer to take this further successfully.

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    Await for your feedback

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    The language used is practically gibberish, it is not possible to correct it. Anyhow, I would just attempt to point out some mistakes

    "It usually have"- 'It' is used for singular, therefore with 'It' you cannot use "have".

    "think through the process"- one thinks 'about' the process and not 'through' it.

    'believe to be advance'- doesn't make any sense in the sentence. You don't 'believe' a device to be 'advance'.

    Let me tell you than the sentence formation itself is extremely wrong leave alone the grammar. Your sentences are making no sense at all. Please don't submit any more articles at TEC. I won't be spending any more time with this article by responding here. If you still think that your article is okay then you can contact Tony John through email or on FB for further clarification.

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    Ok I do not want to lose this article due to poor english. Again I will check it and concern to my higher senior though I am not getting Proper input to take this further. If one or two mistake is there in whole article then one should not regret it for publishing. The remaining part is correct as I have verified with 5 people. But I would like to verified with more other articles writer for this article to turns this into successful.

    Every person work hard in order to make this more reliable and valuable. So I will do my best to put my thought regarding the article and will update with latest one

    Even I have check on TECHULATOR there are many mistake and spelling error.
    Will update the list shortly

    Thank you for your feedback.

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