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    What is reason for this message?

    What is the reason for this message?
    "You have one or more posts waiting for you to edit and resubmit after correcting the mistakes. Please look for posts with the status 'Pending' and re submit them after carefully correcting all mistakes. If you resubmit without correcting mistakes, the post may be rejected."

    This is the message I got after submitting my Ask exerts response today. I request the members to kindly explain the reason for this? I am totally confused.
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    Hi Rani,

    You are getting this message as some of your Ask Experts answers are pending.

    You can check all your pending ask experts responses and make the required changes to them as suggested by the editor. After the changes are incorporated, resubmit the responses and they will be reviewed again by the editors.

    Hope this solves your confusion. If you still have any doubt in your mind, post it as a reply to this thread.


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    Thank you for your help. Now I got my pending answers reviewed and awarded. Once thank you again for the immediate help.

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    You are welcome.

    Keep contributing to TEC !


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    The reason of the following message is that your one or two articles are still in pending section to solve the problem please follow the following steps and start posting articles in resource section-

    1. Go to the resource section in techulator.

    2. Now click on my resources.

    3. Now click on the article whose color is light.

    4. Click on edit after opening it.

    5. See the mistake and correct it and publish it again.

    Hope that this will solve your problem and you will not face this problem in future.

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