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    Do you still love QWERTY keypad phones ?

    There was a time when QWERTY keypad phones were quite popular among the users. Nowadays it is very rare to see a QWERTY keypad phone and touch based phones are more prominent and popular. However there are still some people who prefer to use QWERTY keypad phones. What is your opinion about these phones? Do you like them? Which are the best QWERTY keypad phones available in the market today? Share your opinion.
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    Using QWERTY keypad it is easy to type the contents without literally looking at mobile screen. In touch screen mobile, it is not easy to type the contents without looking at mobile screen. It will cause eye pain. It makes me to feel QWERTY keypad mobiles are good option.

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    You have pointed the most important benefit of QWERTY phones. You can type very easily and comfortably without looking at the keys. Also the keys are very spacious and comfortable as compared to the keys appearing on the screen of touch phones.

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    QWERTY keypad helps us to type fast like system keyboard or Type-writing keyboard style or almost alike. Though it is not famous at the moment due to Smartphone and its Touch-screen technology and trend, still, the best one to type / navigate fast is QWERTY keypad.

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    Yes Hafeez sir. QWERTY keypad phone are really awesome and extremely advantageous for people who are social media junkies and have to type a lot.

    Thanks for your inputs on this thread.

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    I believe that it was good shift from qwerty to touch. May be it is because my first phone was touch screen and I have hardly typed any message through Qwerty. But that's my opinion, it may be the chance that some people like to use Qwerty as well. But as such the trend has changed we feel that most of the people are using touchscreens mobile phones. Another benefit if we talk about is typing becomes easy and comfortable in touch screen because it do not require hard pressing the button unlike Qwerty which really saves time.
    However increase in touch screen phones does not mean that Qwerty has been eradicated. Most of the Blackberry set even today comes with Qwerty features and thousands of people are using it. So we can not claim that touch screen have more importance than Qwerty.

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