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    How many minutes or hours do you spend daily on Techulator?

    Hello all TEC members,

    We all love Techulator and many of the active members visit the site regularly and many even on daily basis to either contribute on the website or just for browsing and enriching our knowledge.

    Would really like to know how much minutes or hours do you spend daily or weekly on

    Thanks & Regards
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    Two to three hours approx !!

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    Saket, its really good to see that you spend 2-3 hours on Techulator.

    Techulator will allow you to increase your technical knowledge as well as you can make some extra part time revenue by doing valuable contributions to the site.

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    Since I am new to this site, so far I have dedicated 2 hours for reading all the articles and Ask experts question and answers from this site so as to gain some idea. Then for another 2 hours, I have spend time in gaining cash credits by answering Ask experts answers. So totally 4 hours per day I have spend my time so far. In the upcoming days, I have planned to spend more time till I reach some decent points and cash credits.

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    Rani, its great to see that you have spent so much time on Techulator.

    In order to earn some decent cash credits and points, first of all I would advice you to go through Help topics of this site as you are a new member.

    Once you have a clear idea, you can start contributing to Forum section and Ask Expert section and make good quality contributions there. Note that grammatically correct and detailed well written responses get good cash credits and points.

    Once you become fully proficient in writing, you can start posting articles at Resource section.

    Hope this response helps you.

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    I mainly spend 2 to 4 hours on techulator. And it is a great site to spend time and earn money as well as knowledge I found this site one of the best and I will be working more long to earn some more knowledge, money and some points. Thank you for asking such good questions.

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