Are Brocade IP switches and routers affected by the Heartbleed bug?

Well, I'm not actually asking a question but rather am providing the answer below in case other folks need to know.

Brocade's family of IP products ADX, FCX, ICX, MLX, MLX-E, XMR CES, CER, RX, SX, VDX offering ServerIron, FastIron, NetIron, RX, Network OS (NOS), Brocade Network Advisor, Vyatta and vADX software do not make use of the heartbeat extensions and hence are not vulnerable to the exploit documented in CVE-2014-0160. In addition, the web site does not use OpenSSL and is not vulnerable to this issue.

EDIT: The official documentation has recently been posted and so I thought I would add it to the post. It is available via the link below: