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    Is opera turbo really effective for slow connections?

    Hello to all members of Techulator I want to ask you simple question regarding a browser which is one of the most famous browser in phones and nowadays in PC and laptop as well it is Opera Mini which is used by many of the people but the most used browser is Mozilla Firefox those who has used opera browser I need a view of yours I want to ask you that using Opera mini turbo mode is really effective for slow connections like 2G connections which provides us slow browsing speed. Is this browser increases the speed of surfing on net does it load the page faster than other browser or is there any other way by which we can make the speed of the Internet good if you know any way please inform it in the response in detail.
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    To be frank, when I switched on the 'off-road' formerly known as 'turbo' mode on my Opera browser for android, I didn't feel much of a difference when I was on 200MB 3g+ package. But when I went 2g (post 200MB), I did feel it. It enabled me to browse pages relatively faster than that of UC Browser or Dolphin Browser. Also, I've noticed that prior to using the off road mode, a single log in and 5 minutes surfing facebook costed me 6000-8000 kilobytes, but now after same usage, it is costing me only 800-1200 Kb. This means you are able to reduce your data usage considerably as every single Kb counts when you are on a limited mobile data package.

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    the turbo option in the opera brower works fine!
    i used opera for a long time, and i felt that the turbo is worth activating.
    turbo uses the opera servers to make a cache of the site we are surfing and provide the content to us after that, in this process the original images on the page are compressed and served for a faster web experience.
    when it comes to the data saving , it is common sense that if data is served compressed then it will be less than actual.

    but now i am using firefox 25, as firefox serves best if you use to surf the sites frequently, as it save the cache etc.
    surf a site first time it will take some time, if you open again and again, once it will be instant loading of that site.

    i recommend use of mozilla firefox.

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