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    New to techulator need help

    hi all,

    i am new to techulator.please help me how to participate and earn rewards.

    thank you
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    Hai nagendra babu welcome to Techulator. First of all I like to share some writing tips for you. Read Fresh Guidelines For Posting Resources, Tips to write better notes, and Good Article Writing Tips.
    Sharing is Caring

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    Heartiest welcome to Techulator. First of all I must tell you that you have landed to such a platform which can be really very helpful to you both in terms of knowledge as well as earning money. My experience says that I have never found a site such as this. Go though the help section and read all the guidelines and get the basic idea about how you to start. I would recommend you to be active in forum for some time. There are various awards like Super Contributor Award in various sections like Forum, Resources and Ask Experts. Various contests are also held from time to time in which you can show your talent through writing.
    Moreover if you have any problem related to tech field or so then you may use Ask Expert section to clear your doubts.

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    Welcome in Techulator and technology learning website. I am very happy to see you in our blog. In this blog there are many section where you can contribute and get a good rewards.
    In forum section you can discuss about the technology.
    In Ask expert section you can ask the problem and get a good answer form our member. By posting question Ask expert section you can get cash rewards and point.
    in articles section you can post articles related to the technology.
    product section where you can post product reviews and details.
    So there are many other section where you can contribute and get cool cash and points rewards.
    Please before posting any data read posting guideline first.

    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Thanks for your suggestions

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    Dear Nagendra babu,

    Warm welcome to Techulator!

    This portal allows you to make some extra money by doing valuable contributions to the site.
    You can visit and read the help topics which can be found at the main menu of the site. You can start your contributions from Forum section and gradually move to Ask experts section. Once you become fully proficient and demonstrate your skills, you can proceed to Resources section.

    Hope you will contribute valuable things at TEC !

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    Welcome to techulator Nagedra Babu you will like this site very much just like others and you will feel this site as interesting this is a site about technology and about games. I will tell you about some of the section of this site in brief:-
    1. Game Reviews- Here in this section you can write article regarding any of the game. The amount of money and points will depend on the length and quality of the article and this will improve you grammar as well.
    2. Ask Expert – In this section you can ask questions to the experts and you can also give answers to any other question in this section also your points will be awarded on the basis of your grammar and on the length of the article.
    3. Forum- This section will not provide you money but it will provide you good amount of points. In this section you can ask questions and can answer to other questions.
    Hope this will help you to understand this site if you have any doubt you can ask me and to the other expert as well.
    Warm Regards,

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