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    Suggest me some ways to increase the performance of my Android phone

    Dear members,
    I have Samsung Galaxy Ace duos with 400 MB RAM and 850mHz processor but its performance is very bad. The phone lags very much. Sometimes it takes more then 10 seconds to open an application. I have tried many performance boosting applications but nothing improved.
    I want you people to suggest me some ways to increase the performance of my phone so that it stops lagging.
    Thanks in advance.
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    If you are using Android device at your home then My opinion for you to make your device light, Don't install unwanted Apps and software, Using device cleaner for keep your mobile fast. Restore their factory setting in a one month. I hope your device will give performance.

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    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    I completely understand and relate to your issue. I had been using a Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 for a while now and had been facing the same issues on my phone. It has a 1 GHz single core processor and has 512MB RAM. However, I was successfully able to use it without any issues or lag for the past 3 years. Here are some pointers on how I made it possible:

    1. Root your device.
    2. Uninstall all unwanted stock apps. (Root access required)
    3. Overclock your device (This may damage the hardware)
    4. Install a custom ROM (Custom ROMs give a much better performance than stock ROMs)
    5. Don't ever over-charge your device. (Never leave it charging all night)
    6. Understand your phone's capabilities and don't try to achieve something that your phone cannot handle. (High-end games)

    I hope this helps,


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    Dear Rajneesh,

    As you told that you have Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos with 400MB RAM and 850mhz processor but still the phone does not work as fast as you want.400MB RAM is not enough for bulgy applications and games to work fast.You should either avoid installing bulgy applications and games on your phone or use that slowed down phone.In my opinion 400MB RAM is not bad for small sized games and applications.High graphic games need much more MB RAM than your;s one.Avoid Installing phone boosters on your phone because many of them don;t fasten;s your phone but slows down It;s functioning.

    Use SD card of large size and keep some free space In It.Example:If you use 8GB;s SD card then keep at least 2GB-3GB free space In It.Scan your phone on a regularly basis,because viruses can even slow down your functioning.Don;t download bulgy files from your phone Instead use your PC for that.Avoid plugging your phone to recharge for more than 3hours.Don;t let your phone;s blue tooth always on.Avoid use of China headphones and china batteries,because they could damage your phone.Instead use the brand which is recommended by your cell phones company.If you will take care of all the above measures then your phone will definitely work fast.

    Your;s friendly,


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