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    Inquiry on security measures


    Just to clarify some security and privacy measures regarding IM app I am afraid off sharing information like pictures, videos, text message, voice calls and video calls etc via Instant Messanger apps such as wechat,whatsapp,viber,skype. Is it really safe to continue with such android apps b'coz now a days there are so many myths are evolving around. How secure those apps are and was it advisable to use it in future? Can data be easily intercept by the thirdparty from their servers? how long they keep the data in their server? which is the most secure app, especially whatsapp or wechat. Looking forward for the quick response. Advise.

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    There is a saying- "If it is online, it is not private!". Anything you put online, unless it is your own server and that too physically your property it is not secure.

    Though as far as security and privacy is concerned, it is just as secure and private as your email accounts. Authorized personnel of these services can access your data and in case some law enforcement agency requests such data with a court permission, your data can be provided to these agencies.

    Both Whatsapp and WeChat or any other service has not reports of any data leakage due to hacking. Moreover, as these services are not using any username and password and depend on mobile numbers, it is not practically possible to hack them without your carelessness. No third party can access these data unless they get hold on your handheld devices.

    However, if you are talking in terms of hacking or other illegal leaking of data, these services are quite secure. In simple terms, it is better not to share something online which you won't share in front on your parents! :)

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    i think, We chat is much better than WhatsApp in this regard. whatsAapp has become a 'must have' icon for all smartphone users, but there are a number of issues dogging it.

    some imp points from a surveying report by a canadian agency on whatsApp

    1. WhatsApp stores NON USERS' phone numbers too. They say these phone numbers are stored in an "encrypted form", even after they are identified as NON USERS of this service.

    2. WhatsApp states that files that are sent using its messaging service are kept in their servers after delivery during a so-called "short period of time". After this time they are finally eliminated according to their "general retention policies".

    3. WhatsApp does not copy nor store the messages sent through its messaging system. Nevertheless, if the recipient is not connected, undelivered messages will be kept in WhatsApp servers and may be stored in those servers for up to 30 days. After this period of time, messages are deleted; and from that moment on messages will only be stored in the emitter's and the recipient's devices. Nevertheless, WhatsApp may store the date and time of delivered messages, as well as the mobile phone numbers of the devices involved.


    if you are a WhatsApp user, you should NOT send any files with private information, documents, medical records, etc. Act just as if the information was going to be seen by people you do not know

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