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    Will my first day earnings from InfoLinks comes under "ClickBomb" or "Legit"?

    I recently signed up for InfoLinks and bellow is my first day earnings where Ad Views is greater than page views and this is a click bombing or not?

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    InfoLinks shows "AdViews" not "clicks". It is normal to receive AdViews close to your total impressions. Even if you Views are higher that page views it is not a problem because that can be due to page reloading.

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    @ Ankit, am I allowed to view the Ads without clicking it? Is it good to add the InfoLinks Ads on my another "Tamil Entertainment" website? I'm asking this because I don't know they pay good for a "Tamil Entertainment" website or not!

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    @ Ankit, Today is 06.02.2014 but I can only able to see the earnings report of 04.02.2014. Why? Why I can't see the full report like Adsense?

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    It may took several hours for the advertising company to publish the original viewes and clicks from your blog. They publish it only after reviewing your traffic. It's their policy and you can't change that.
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    Hi, This is Itai from Infolinks, please take into account that the 'Reports' section of your account only features earnings which exceed the one full cent. All earnings less than this amount will appear as $0.0 in the statistics reports. Be advised that your "Ad Views" do not represent the amount of ad-engagements your visitors have made, but refer to the number of times your visitors actually hover over an ad. Be advised that Infolinks has both CPC and CPV based products. Meaning, some ad-engagements will generate revenue from clicks while others will earn you revenue each time a visitor views an ad.Please note that your earnings per ad vary due to many factors, such as the ad that is displayed, the origin of your traffic and the type of the site you own, accordingly certain ad-engagements may be worth more than others. I hope that you will find this advice useful. Please feel free to contact our support team at if you should require any additional information or assistance with your account. Thank you and welcome to Infolinks!

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