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    Differentiate C and C++

    I want to differentiate C with C++ IN terms of their applications.What are the applications of C programming .Was C a good programming if then why C++ needed after this.How can we differentiate these two languages if C was used to make applications a then where is C++ is used...
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    Dear Shahid,

    Yes, we can differentiate these two languages. They are similiar and one derived from another. Let's look the Main differences below.

    - Simply, C++ is easier to use than C, with Object Oriented Programming (OOP Concept)
    - C++ is derived from C, for making the programs more efficient, simple, and error free.
    - Object Oriented Programming concept means The program are related to real world entities.
    - Both C and C++ are used to make applications, but, C++ is simpler to use and much easier to understand.

    I think you got The Main Differences between C and C++ Programming Languages. Just ask without any hesitations if you have any doubts regarding this.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    The difference between C and C++ is

    in C , Follow the procedure of the program step by step to accomplish the is just like strict discipline.
    but in C++
    remember the task and do it in any way you want.


    1. C++ is derived from the C89 language, and hence supports all the features of C language added before the 1989,
    features added after the 1989 and that are standardized in 1999 as C99 are not supported in C++.

    2. The extra features of the C++ are added from simula language (the encapsulation in the class concept) ..

    3. the structures concept of the C and C++ language is also different as we cannot declare functions in C structure but can declare in the C++ structures.

    others are the class concept. polymorphism and inheritance all newer than C.

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    If concerned in terms of the application , C language is still secured its existence because

    C language is considered most suitable language for designing device drivers software, as these software need to be extremely small C is Dominant here.

    next reason is C language is not a high level language at all , it is so called the middle level language,that means the execution of a C code is so fast just similar to (approx...) assembly language programs.
    so this gives a very faster way to interact the device if the drivers are written in the C language.

    next is the comparison in between the C and C++ is just worthless, (as there no comparison between the parents and child)
    the whole C language is included in the C++,
    the need of the C++ is experienced while developing applications with object oriented issues, the C language failed to give the solutions properly.

    means if the problem is solved by the C language, problems are in interface, or C will loose its power of speed as the program went longer ,or the less control of the data flow.
    C++ is all about securing data and manipulating it in the way , it is needed.

    C++ is used to develop secured applications like banking software etc.

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    Below are some of the major differences between C and C++:

    C language is a procedural language whereas C++ is a object oriented language.

    C language uses top down approach whereas C++ uses bottom up approach.

    In C printf() is used for output and scanf() is used for input whereas in C++ cout<< is used for output and cin >>is used for input.

    Data hiding is not possible in C but it is possible to do so in C++.

    Inheritance and Polymorphism is not possible in C++ but possible in C++.

    You cannot overload operators in C language whereas it is possible to do so in C++.

    C++ language is simpler to learn and use as compared to C++.

    Hope this solves your query.

    Thanks & Regards

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