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    Tags not working in resource

    I submitted a few resources today and tags of heading and bold are not working. Can anyone check the issue ?
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    Hi Krishna,

    I just checked and found out that the tags are working perfectly fine.

    I just checked some of your submitted resources and found that you havent written proper closing tags in your articles.

    Would like to request you to go through below link to learn how to use the tags properly.

    Hope it helps !

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    Thanks for the reply. I checked the articles but was still not able to find the mistake. Can you please tell me by pointing at one of the article say

    Krishna Verma

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    Hi Krishna,

    I think the problem is occuring because you havent added the heading/ subheading etc on a new line.

    Please take your headings on new line and then try.

    Please check.

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    It is added in another line only.
    Krishna Verma

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    Hi Krishna

    I go through your article and found out the tags you have used in your article. You have used the heading 2 tags and bold tags but they are not working properly. This is your problem. But I think that it is not a big problem. It is a simple and easy problem.

    You have used the tags in their proper place. There is no mistake concerning putting tags properly.

    But you should read the uses of tags properly. When you go in the help topic, you will find rules concerning to tags in your different posts.

    There are certain rules about each tag. There are rules about H2 tags ad bold tags.

    In H2 tags you should use capital 'H' in place of small 'h' in your article.

    In bold tags too you should use capital 'B' in place of small 'b'.

    So if you use capital 'H' in place of small 'h' in your article for H2 tags and capital 'B' in place of small 'b' for bold tas in your article and resubmit your article, the tags will work properly.

    Ekta Raikwar

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    Webmaster, Thank you. Can you tell me the mistake ?
    Krishna Verma

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    I am still unaware about what mistake I am doing. Can anyone look at the submissions and tell me what mistake I am doing with h2 tags.
    Krishna Verma

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    Hi Webmaster,

    I am also facing the same problem. I have even tried using capital letters in HTML tags like H2 in place of h2, but it didn't work. And one more thing, whenever I edit the resource it shows this message 'CAUTION: Someone else has opened this resource for editing in last few minutes. If you edit this resource at this time, it may conflict with editing by the other person if he/she is currently editing it' at the top

    Here is the link of the reource

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    Your article is also corrected.

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    Thanks Webmaster for solving my issue. The article is now published successfully.

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    @Darshan, Regarding caution message: This caution message will be shown when your article submitted for review and any of the editors works on that article for review. So before clicking on the Article Ready to Publish button make sure that you entered all relevant informations on that. If you are not satisfied with your article and you think you have to add more contents to your article click on the Not ready to publish yet button. Whenever you complete your article click on the Ready to Publish and leave it for a review.
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