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    Guidelines for posting Ask Experts Answers

    Hello TEC Members,

    It is found that many members are carelessly posting "Ask Experts" answers with many spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and with wrong formatting.

    Below are some key points to take care about before posting Ask Experts Answers:

    1. Post answers only if you have knowledge about the topic/subject of the question. If you don't have sufficient knowledge about it, you can search online on search engines and then re-post the answer in clear and simple words.

    2. Please do not blindly copy paste answers from ecommerce sites or from other websites/blogs.

    3. Before you type and the answer and hit the 'Submit Response' button kindly read your answer again and check for grammatical spelling errors yourself before submitting it.

    4.Do not make the answers lengthy unnecessarily. Keep the answer short, precise and to the point but make sure you cover all the required points.

    5. Use punctuation marks and proper formatting wherever required. Make use of capital letters/ upper case letters only where required.

    6. Make use of proper HTML tags like bullet points while submitting the answers.

    We offer more Cash Credits and points for answers which are well written after proper research, are detailed and error free.

    Keep posting at Ask experts and get cash credits and points!

    If you any doubts in your mind, you can clear them by posting a thread in the forum section.

    Editor- Ask experts
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    I am very much obliged to you, respected editor Shravan from Ask Expert Section of I also wanted some guidelines for posting in Ask Expert Section. I find many questions that are beyond my knowledge in Ask Expert section. I searched them on Internet and made my answers. Sometimes I took the information from other sites and only miner correction I posted them as my Ask Expert answer but with some doubt. My doubt was that should I take this information or not in my answers.

    I think that your thread cleared that we can get knowledge from any resource but we can use it in our own words. We cannot use it as it is written in that site or blog.

    I think I sometimes posted answers without checking spelling and grammar mistakes. In future I will keep this guideline in my mind and I will post answers after checking spelling and grammar mistake. I will put proper punctuation mark in my every post.

    Many many thanks for your kindness for giving so useful guidelines

    Ekta Raikwar

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    Dear Editor,

    Thanks for the guidelines for posting on "Ask Expert" section. I am new here, and these guidelines are very helpful to me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

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