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    Fresh Guidelines for Posting Resources

    Hello Techies,

    I have been at Techulator for long, however I've not been too active in the Forums. To introduce myself again, I'm Gyandeep and am currently taking care of the Resource section as an editor.

    While editing some resources recently, I found users doing stuff they are not supposed to and this made me end up publishing this thread. Please go through the following guidelines and make sure you don't go against these.

    • Adding ':' - Many users have a habit of adding the colon (':') sign while writing second level headings or subheadings in their articles.

      The correct way to write a heading could be just writing [b]Screen Size and Resolution[b] in case of a phone. (Consider replacing [] with <> for correct HTML.)

    • Stupid Ideas About SEO - I have observed so many users inputting stupid SEO gimmicks which they perhaps believe are tricks. Adding the name of the phone/software/game two hundred times in a 1000 words article doesn't really help. This is 2013, Google has grown smarter than ever. Hence, try not exposing these habits. Yes, it may increase the word count but it's surely not going to increase the points/cash credits allotted to your post or even the popularity you crave and dream it gets on the web someday.

      Ideally, the keywords should occur 1-6 times in a 1000 words post.

    • Unformatted articles - There are users who just type in anything and it's such a traumatizing experience (literally) going through those posts. Not only do we detect mishaps like usage of 'its' (possessive noun) instead of 'it's' (meaning 'it is' or 'it has') and vice versa, we also find silly spelling errors like 'stfff' for 'stuff' which could easily be corrected had the author been a little careful instead of leaving the odd jobs for us, the editors. Also, please be careful enough to hit the 'enter' key twice for changing a paragraph. I advise all of you to use a document editor like MS Word for writing raw stuff and then using notepad to format the HTML.

    • Language - The language of a resource matters a lot. I advise you to go through your articles more than once before finally posting it to seek approval, to improve the language and grammar.

    • Second Level Headings - Simply writing 'Features' instead of 'Features of Samsung Galaxy S4' and in the next H2 heading, 'Specifications' instead of 'Specs of Samsung Galaxy S4' is a good idea. Please know that repeating the keywords in the subheadings or second level headings does not bring any change than just making it look little crippled.

    Writing is one thing and being a good writer is purely another. At Techulator, you can imagine resource posting being analogous to exams you write. Though we don't follow it strictly, but just like in school, the less you irritate a teacher with spelling errors or stupid stuff in your answer, the better are your chances at scoring, at Techulator the chances of getting paid better increases if you end up impressing the editors with your language and formatting skills and by being careful enough to avoid silly errors in posts to compel him/her to allot you more.

    Yes, it is definitely our job to go through each and every line of the resources you post, the articles you write, in order to make them perfect. It's our job to have the hawk's eye, but then it always feels better when authors give us more time to spend on improving the language than fighting grammatical errors, misplaced paragraphs and typos.

    Good luck.

    Best regards,
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    Thanks for providing new guide lines for submitting articles.
    Never lie someone Who trust on you.
    Never Trust Someone who lies you.

    Regards & Thanks
    Aamir Khan

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    Thank you. I think the rules and corrections you mentioned here will help us to improve the forthcoming articles with great qualities. Hope these guidelines will be accepted by user soon.
    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Hello Gyandeep,
    Thanks a lot for mentioning some detailed points to keep in mind while writing articles on Techulator. It is indeed helpful for members like me to improve and post better quality content next time round. From my side, I shall try to ensure I don't commit any of the above mentioned mistakes and provide a well formatted article to the editors for review.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    I think these guidelines will help to many members for posting their resources in this site. These guidelines are for making a resource great and grand and useful to others. They will make our article correct and good. So we should follow them
    I think al the members who are contributing in the resource section in this site will keep them in their mind while they are posting their articles in this site.

    It is a great and excellent move from the editors side.

    Ekta Raikwar

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    Thanks Kaushal,
    Your effort has decreased the rate of abnormal resources by now. I think contribution have caught up some good points from this thread.

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    Thanks Kaushal

    this way of writing is very beneficial to the new techies.To save time and complexity of writing boring words your post helps us very large.I think this site has a need of the editors just like you.You people are refrences to new techies,it is good to see your posts which helps us in each and every manner.I am using my personel experience that these types of posts are really helping to understand the working with techulator..

    thank You again

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