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    Facebook's Sympathy Button

    Facebook's Sympathy Button

    Facebook now seems to be planning on adding a sympathy button in addition to its like button.Their primary aim to provide the users to express their emotions on a particular post of their friend.
    There will be no captions on that button, but it is primarily based on the traditional 'mood' drop down lists that is in use now. It is likely to be updated by next year beginning.

    And FB just recently launched dislike button for the FB messenger, and soon it will be releases for the Facebook chat too. :)
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    Hello Dhilipkumar,
    Facebook owners know the pulse of the social networking public and have accordingly taken the decision to add the "sympathy" button for facebook posts. I am sure facebook users will use this "sympathy" option depending on the nature of post. With a slim possibility of "dislike" button also appearing sometime in future for facebook posts, facebook users will get lots of new feature to use.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Face book is a great social site. It is popular among people. It has like and dislikes buttons for any post. If we like any post we push the like button but if we do not like the post we push dislike button. It is the present process in face book.

    But it is seen that like buttons and dislike buttons do not express the true feelings of a user. So face book worked on this field and it decided to add 'sympathy' button in it for any post.

    This sympathy button will express the true feelings of a user. It will be very useful to people. It will be liked by people on face book because they will have now facility to express their views through this sympathy button.

    So it will be very good for a user of face book. Now he will have the facility to express his true feelings through this button on face book.

    I think it is a great move done by face book to increase its popularity among people.

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    No doubt! Facebook is not just a social networking site, It has become something more then any better. Just think for a moment the kind of stuff and information we get on Facebook whenever we are logged in. Yes, I agree some of the news and updates are 100% wrong and such fake stuff are promoted by few bad guys having bad intention. But it's okay, Facebook is a place for adult/mature people and when we are mature we have enough sense to recognize good and bad. However, Facebook is not just the social network site. It is a place for multiple purposes and info. There are things and features in FB which are really incredible and other social site stands no where. Anyway, Thanks to you for sharing this new updates with us.

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