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    Which domain name is better- .IN or .ORG?

    Can anyone tell me which domain is best between .in and .org? If we purchase a domain name with .IN or .Org instead of .Com domain name, will it effect on google search engine i.e. SEO?
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    .in domains are better for blogs targeting only Indian traffic. It will be better to go for a .com domain than a .org domain.

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    I also suggest you to purchase domain with .in instead of .org. However, the best one is .com and incomparable for it.

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    Tony sir and Hafeezur, Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.

    One more question- You said that if I want to get only Indian traffic, then .in is best. But what is the difference between .in and .com in case of getting only Indian traffic? Which will be the best in this situation- .in or .com? I have heard that Google Search Engine always prefer websites with domain .com than any other domain name. Is it true?

    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

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    Domain name is very important for our blogs or websites. Our blogs or website is recognised by its domain name.

    Domain Names are of three kinds:

    (1) .in is mostly commmon to institutions related to teaching departments.


    (2) .com is very popular domain name. It is used by every person. It helps us very greatly. It is the best of all domain names.

    (3) .org is mostly common by the organisations. The famous organisations name .org for their organisations.

    My views; I think in these three domain names - .com is very popular. It is the best of these three domain names.

    So if you choose the .com domain name for your blog, it will attract more traffic.

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    .ORG is better because it is one of top level domain TLD so it make more accessibility in terms of SEO in your website.Get it from a good domain registrars like

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    In general it is better to go for a .com domain as said by Mr.Tony compared to anything else. This is primarily because people are more aware about this .com extension than anything else. But if you have very good content, the traffic through search engines will not be influenced by any way by .com or .in or .org or anything else.
    Secondly I also believe that if you don't get a catchy domain name with .com extension, it is better to go with .org followed by .in instead of going with useless prefix with .com extension.
    Third, .in domain will not get whois protection. It means all .in domain names will be revealed when searched in whois database. All you need to do is to feed fake information with your domain provided after registration so that your privacy is not affected. This I personally faced with one .in domain which I purchased a year back.

    Ganesh Babu.S

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    @Ekta :Your response is misleading. Please do not take it personally, your response in not up to the point. There are numerous extensions other than the three mentioned available. Also no individual can get It belongs to government of India. is different from .in.
    Ganesh Babu.S

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    Even I am confused whether we as Indians should go for .in domain names or .com domain names. As per my understanding, .com domain name suggests that the website or blog site is US-based and may face problems targeting Indians through Google search results (which would target US audience for .com domain name).

    Kindly correct me if I am wrong and let me know whether Indians starting a website targeting Indian audience should opt for .in domain names or .com domain names? Many Thanks in advance!

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    The major General Top Level Domains (GTLDs) or domain extensions are
    3.. org
    .com is suitable for commercial websites, belonging to companies and most of the better .com domains are taken. It is also more suitable if you are targetting an international audience. It is easier to sell advertising on the GTLds to companies internationally
    .in is India's cctld (country specific tld), it is suitable for Indian websites, and there is better control.
    However, as another member pointed out, it is not possible to have privacy protection for .in domains, and this can create a lot of problems, when miscreants get hold of the address and other contact details and misuse it. That is many .in registrants are using junk information for their whois lookup, as they do not want personal details to be misused.
    Many famous bloggers, non profits and information websites are using .org domain names.

    However, .in domain names are cheaper for the first year at present, some domain registrars are offering the domain name for $2.99 for the first year. So if you want to understand how domain names work, you can register a .in domain name, it will be cheaper initially.

    So the domain name you select will depend on the kind of website you want to start, the target audience and domain name availability.

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    It depends what is your need. .org domain is for non-profit organisation. It is not for personal use. If you are going to buy a domain for your website then prefer .com domain because .com is king. And if you want to focus only on Indian traffic then you can use .in domain too.

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